Raise awareness for the different flavours of Glaceau Vitamin Water with a fun digital game of “capture the flag” using social media and geo tagging.

I did all the branding, concepting of the idea and designing the UI.


Vitamin Water


Colour Your City


Website with User Generated Content


Concept, Art Direction, Design

What colour will you join?

I thought it would be fun as a private project to take the concept of the vibrantly coloured Vitamin Water and turn it into a city wide game of colour tag!

Users can pick a team and start snapping away taking pictures of items on the streets of their city that matching their colour. The more people geo tag images in their area the quicker the hashtagged colour will become trending in that location, securing the win for the team!

Users can follow the battle of the colours online, join a team and show their allegiance on Facebook.



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