Hackney Hipster Website

Website proposal for a Hackney event website that embraces the cliche of the East London Hipster in a tongue in cheek way.

I did all the design work from concepting the idea, wireframing the prototype to creating the final design.




Hackney Council


Image Campaign


Concept, Digital Design


As a private project I created an image campaign to address the “Hipster Hate” encountered in the media. I rebranded the ‘Destination Hackney’ website of Hackney Council to embrace the cliché of Hackney being the epicentre of East London Hipsterdom.

Based on different Hipster Stereotypes the visitor of the website can get recommendations what to do, where to stay, what to eat etc. and explore everything Hackney has to offer in a fun and surprising way.

Creating a fun Social Media campaign around it, users can find out which Hipster there are and be out and proud by sharing their test results on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Offline the rebrand can be communicated by fun items and tongue in cheek adverts.

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