Moshi Monsters 

Moshi Monsters is a virtual world for kids that spun into offline products like toys, clothes and other merchandise.

I worked across all platforms and products in the Moshi Monsters world, designing and improving UI/UX, creating promotional print material and merchandising items.




Moshi Monsters


Website, Flash Game and Promotional Materials


Digital Design, Illustration, Animation, Branding and Print


Mosh Monsters got launched in 2008 and grew to become a monster hit with over 90 million registered users in 150 territories worldwide. The website and it’s characters came to life not only on desktop but offline as well spawning toys, magazines, Nintendo games, clothing and much more.

I joined the company in 2009 as one of the first Designers. In the following three years I witnessed Moshi Monsters going from strength to strength which gave me the opportunity to work across many Moshi Monster branded products online and offline.

I worked across the board on the homepage and it’s HTML subpages, I created logos and branding for new exciting products and worked on the main game world on GUI,UX improvements and new game features.

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